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Men’s Parka Jacket With Rabbit Fur Lining



- Front and back panels were part of a vintage American military jacket in cotton canvas
- Rabbit fur lining
- Made in Italy

Available online HERE. Price $ 4588


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New Pattern of Society ties.

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Façonnable x Nordstrom

                 The other day my sister and I a walk downtown and everything looked so much brighter. We looked better around us and there they were, Christmas lights. There were Christmas lights everywhere. Christmas. Christmas is just round the corner and what does always come with Christmas? Gifts, of course. Here I am now wearing my new Façonnable vest and sweater, one of my favorite pair of jeans and my brogue boots and doing my Christmas gift list. This year’s list is almost ready. Now I have to go shopping. Well, I wish I could go, but there is no time, so I have to choose an alternative, Nordstrom online.


I don’t know about you but shopping for the men of my life, can be difficult. They are so important to me and different, although they all have something in common, their spin on classic style. A style born in details. As I am searching in Nordstrom something for them I cannot ignore Façonnable. Façonnable in Nordstrom has a great variety of casual shirts, jeans, outerwear, pants, sweaters and vests that you cannot ignore.
Façonnable started taking the form that has today in the late 60’s by Mr. A. Goldberg, He first created a small men’s collection with colorful designs, suptuous fabrics and timeless elegance. He expanded his business the next three decades through authenticity, instinct and talent. In 1988, Façonnable and Nordstrom met. Beginning in the early 1990’s Façonnable expanded in U.S. via Nordstrom. In 2000 Nordstrom purchased Façonnable SAS and founder Mr. A. Goldberg retired. In summer 2007 M1 Group engaged in a number of diverse activities, purchased Façonnable and helped the brand expand even more. Today, the brand has over 500 retail customers worldwide and products include high quality men’s and women’s apparel and accessories.


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● Brogue shoes here  ● Derby shoes here ● Sweater here ● Slippers here ●

● Brogue shoes here  ● Derby shoes here ● Sweater here ● Slippers here 


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ME, some days ago

ME, some days ago

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The Timeless Style of Esquire

The Timeless Style of Esquire

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● Jacket here  ● Sweater here ● Scarf here ● Belt here ●

● Jeans here ● Desert boots here ● Monk shoes here 

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