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Every Sunday this summer, my friends and I go out to the woods (well the park) for a walk. Everything is so peaceful there. The city’s noises seem to disappear and all you can hear is nature’s call. You can hear the birds’ song, the sound of the water, even your walk. We are usually having a picnic on a tree branch. It’s really a moment I enjoy and I wish I could take it with me for the whole week. I thought I could take a little piece of wood from the tree but thank God there’s Woodchuck.


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Tuesday Jul 22 10pm  6 notes


Persol Steve McQueen Folding Sunglasses


A re-issue of the blue-lensed sunglasses actor Mr Steve McQueen frequently opted for, Persol’s 714 tortoiseshell acetate pair will stamp your look with a touch of the style icon’s inimitable cool. Evoking the easy style of the mid-century jet set, they can be folded down and stored in the leather pouch provided or in the breast pocket of a blazer, making them perfect for travelling.

Get yours now from Mr Porter, Asos or Sunglass Hut.

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Win €500 |

Win an Astrid Andersen backpack (worth €500) from Astrid Andersen is a true innovator with a global following for her genre leading approach to premium sportswear.


If you want to participate, just follow these easy steps:
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Monday Jul 21 4pm  4 notes


Trying to find the way

Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how awesome you are if you can’t see it yourself?


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Thursday Jul 17 4pm  9 notes


Zabattigli Di Capri Indigo Collection


As you’ve probably noticed, I love to wear espadrilles, especially if they are made of precious materials like velvet or silk. Basically all my espadrilles are from Zabattigli Di Capri (I own nine pairs). They’re perfect for summer and now their dedicated men’s range is expanding with the addition of new materials like silk or coated cotton.


Zabattigli are handmade in the characteristic village of Anacapri, Italy, traditionally the island’s centre of artisanship. They are created by local artisans with their distinctive craftsmanship. The use of prime quality materials and the sole of the shoe made of jute with no rubber, guarantee that feet transpire as well as giving them a soft sensation.

The new Indigo collection is made to seduce. Charming with a contemporary touch, this collection is all about an icon of Capri refining its tradition of understated elegance. Check out the Classic and the City collection.


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Tuesday Jul 8 7pm  10 notes


8 Grooming Products Every Man Needs This Summer

Men’s fashion month for Spring/Summer 2015 is over and I am decoding all the new trends to come. New fashion pieces are something that gets me so excited for, but then there’s street style. Street style for me is all about self-expression and this fashion month was not an exception for great looks. What I liked the most on all these fashion-forward and ever stylish men, was not their clothing though. It was the way their hair and facial hair were taken care of.


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Monday Jul 7 1pm  43 notes


RODA Spring Summer 2014


                 Summer is just a month away and it demands color. Summer is all about classic elegance with a nonconformist spirit, just to spice things up. This is the spirit that RODA has in its core. The RODA man is Italian in spirit, sometimes irreverent with colors and finds inspiration in the taste of the English gentleman.
RODA’s spring/summer collection is no exception. The colors are even more exuberant, the inspiration comes from the work “Homage to the square” by Joseph Albers and the feeling that you get is a game of multicolored geometric shapes and strong tones. It is purely a collection of refinement and elegance.


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Tuesday May 6 11am  21 notes


Rethink Your Skin Care


Eating a balanced diet is a sure way to maintain good health. ‘Your skin should benefit, too,’ says Kate Forbes, head of research and development at Aesop, the Melbourne-based skincare brand. ‘The topical application of preparations that deliver vitamins directly to the skin can offer additional benefits that can minimise the effects of daily environmental damage and pollution.’ For combination skin, Forbes prescribes Aesop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel, which contains vitamins B and C, witch hazel to soothe and hydrate blemish-prone skin, and Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment, which delivers doses of vitamins E and A to revitalise skin after a season of central heating and harsh weather.

You can shop the Aesop products online from and

Monday May 5 12pm  17 notes


Evolution Man


The other day, a friend of mine asked me how I take care of my skin. Skin care is an everyday routine. It takes place two times in the day: in the morning and in the evening.


It starts of with washing your face and body and then you wipe gently. Then, it is time to moisturize. I start with my eyes and a revitalizing gel so that I can get rid of my puffiness and dark circles, that are created due to the fact that I work a lot in front of a computer and I don’t sleep a lot. Then, I moisturize the rest of my face and neck and I prefer a product with matte finish, so that I look natural, and has SPF so that I can prevent my face from the sun. It is important to use SPF even in Winter, because the sun is there even if we do not see it. Next, is my lip care. I use a lip balm for that.


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Sunday May 4 4pm  6 notes


One Suit - Six Outfits


                  Twenty-first century man is so busy and has to be in many places without having time to change outfits. He constantly has to look sharp and well-put-together. This is an everyday challenge that men face and we will try in this article.


First of all though, let’s meet the two men that will help us. The first one is Ryder and the other one is Clément. Ryder is an economical analyst. His style is preppy and his favorite color is navy. He loves to be sharp and ready for whatever comes in his way. Clément is a senior fashion editor for a fashion magazine. He loves experimenting with his style and his favorite color is black. He loves black and white when he is dressing himself just because he sees so much color in his career. Though, he introduces some color through accessories.

Secondly, let’s see what piece of clothing we are going to see them wearing through their day. Of course, it is a black skinny suit, as it is very classic and extremely versatile. The black skinny fit blazer and trousers that we see here is by Topman, available at Nordstrom. I decided to go with this partnership just because there is a huge amount of different style clothes and they are affordable as much as they are qualitative.


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Friday Apr 25 3pm  14 notes


Pegaston Made to Measure Shirts


                  The other day a friend of mine asked me which is my secret of dressing in a good way every single day. My answer to him was that first of all I love fashion and fashion is fun and secondly that I dress like the job I want and not the job that I have at the moment. Dressing sharp, yet creative and unexpected is what I like.


There are four elements in dressing sharp: the perfect fit, the style, the ease and the quality. These are four elements that Pegaston represents. Pegaston’s philosophy is that style is eternal and subtle. Seasonality is important and trends have their role to play in a dress shirt. At Pegaston, every sartorial need is fulfilled either by their classic wardrobe staples or by seasonal collections. Their shirt collection is updated every single season and consists of classic, casual, professional and exclusive-fabric shirts. What’s more? They are all perfectly customizable.


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Tuesday Feb 4 2pm  14 notes