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Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Woven Leather Briefcase


Crafted in chestnut-brown leather with Bottega Veneta’s signature intrecciato detailing and finished with gunmetal hardware, this briefcase’s exquisite charm is made plain. Complete with an optional shoulder strap and separate compartments, it’s a fine example of the label’s Italian craftsmanship.

You can shop the Bottega Veneta leather briefcase online from Matches Fashion and Mr Porter.


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Let’s Play Shadows


            Black and white, dark and light – opposites attract to make the most powerful unisons. This season’s eveningwear comes out of the twilight zone and into the obverse, where subtle shadow-play and striking embellishments create the most lasting impressions.

Zuhair Murad is the master of decadent illusion, his extraordinary gowns scintillating through the night. An absence of colour only serves to augment the allure, and a beautifully-cut tuxedo is the only accessory she needs.


He wears his black tie like it stands apart from him – flickers of embellishment on a DSquared2 jacket lend levity, whilst the chunky workman’s shoes he wears ground him firmly in reality.


When she glimmers, he’s comfortable in her backdrop, and when he shines, she only serves to highlight his silhouette. Just like black and white, they always look better together.




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WHITE : John Halls by Robbie Fimmano for Details March 14

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TOY BOY by LuisaViaRoma

Spring is on the horizon and it’s action-packed with a new collection of toy boys in strong graphics and fearlessly bold colors. Blocked, splattered, dotted or striped- the toy boy charges up with Jil Sander’s neon jacquards and Burberry’s pantone rainbow. 

He’s every girl’s dream man and he’s suited up for business. Stoic in his Dolce & Gabbana bow tie and Marni sunglasses, you’ll never see him waver. He’s a toy boy- king of the playground- and he’s winning our hearts.


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Cavalier Bleu Paris

The collections of Cavalier Bleu are entirely imagined and conceived in Paris. More than a choice, it is a philosophy: the will to perpetuate a know-how and a faultless quality, but also an incomparable genuiness and boldness.

It was in Paris, in 1858, that was held the first catwalk show in the world. A century and a half later, the city has kept alive its attraction and remains the unassailable bastion of fashion. Paris is rooted in a unique heritage with a great taste and an almost obsessive search of elegance. At the same time, there is a constant desire to shake up the borders, not to dwell in the past, but to bring a legacy and be future-oriented. The creation in Paris, is to will to transform the past into an idea of today’s ​​chic, to be part of this era.
This state of mind is obviously due to the Parisien themselves. This is to distinguish themselves, to stand out, that they express an identity through clothing. They shape their daily allure, make ​​sure to be elegant and refined for any occasion. They follow their instinct and dress with sophistication. The garment expresses their feelings and well-being, their audacity, freedom … It is the art of an apparent simplicity, but not a single detail is actually improvised.

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Win a €200 LuisaViaRoma Gift Card


To celebrate the new season collections at LuisaViaRoma, we are giving you the chance to win €200 to spend at!

If you want to participate, just follow these easy steps:
1. Sign up for LuisaViaRoma’s newsletter here
2. Enter your email below 

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GOLDEN AGE by LuisaViaRoma

Idriss Guelai creates exclusive accessories in wood, metal and plexi-glass. His passion for alternative material experimentation is constantly evolving, leading him to produce not only exclusive design masterpieces but new ways of “fashion-engineering” from his Florence atelier. Another featured cult element are MAD watches, produced in a numbered, ten-piece edition for LuisaViaRoma. Born from the passion of two aesthetes of timeless watches, MAD represents the promise of the impossible. Bringing together tradition and modernity, exclusivity and perfection, daring and respect for a legacy, MAD pays tribute to the greatest watchmakers.

You can shop all pieces above online from

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Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Look 1

                   As you know, I was invited by LUISAVIAROMA to Florence to attend the eighth edition of the Firenze4Ever event. It was a wonderful experience and the party was a-ma-zing…a club in a theatre, can you imagine? Every person had to create several outfits using pieces of the new collections, with the ‘Ethno-Morphic’ theme. By my side were the photographer Francesco, assistant Daniel and model Riva.


For the first outfit I had chosen a Saint Laurent biker jacket, a black & white Neil Barrett t-shirt and a pair of Balmain Homme biker jeans.



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Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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Interesting outfit

Interesting outfit

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Façonnable x Nordstrom

                 The other day my sister and I a walk downtown and everything looked so much brighter. We looked better around us and there they were, Christmas lights. There were Christmas lights everywhere. Christmas. Christmas is just round the corner and what does always come with Christmas? Gifts, of course. Here I am now wearing my new Façonnable vest and sweater, one of my favorite pair of jeans and my brogue boots and doing my Christmas gift list. This year’s list is almost ready. Now I have to go shopping. Well, I wish I could go, but there is no time, so I have to choose an alternative, Nordstrom online.


I don’t know about you but shopping for the men of my life, can be difficult. They are so important to me and different, although they all have something in common, their spin on classic style. A style born in details. As I am searching in Nordstrom something for them I cannot ignore Façonnable. Façonnable in Nordstrom has a great variety of casual shirts, jeans, outerwear, pants, sweaters and vests that you cannot ignore.
Façonnable started taking the form that has today in the late 60’s by Mr. A. Goldberg, He first created a small men’s collection with colorful designs, suptuous fabrics and timeless elegance. He expanded his business the next three decades through authenticity, instinct and talent. In 1988, Façonnable and Nordstrom met. Beginning in the early 1990’s Façonnable expanded in U.S. via Nordstrom. In 2000 Nordstrom purchased Façonnable SAS and founder Mr. A. Goldberg retired. In summer 2007 M1 Group engaged in a number of diverse activities, purchased Façonnable and helped the brand expand even more. Today, the brand has over 500 retail customers worldwide and products include high quality men’s and women’s apparel and accessories.


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