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Graphic Image 2015 Datebooks

Look around. Everywhere you turn is a headache of speed. It’s everywhere that you go. Look around. You try what you can to be punctual. When all else fails and you long to be, something more organized than you are today. I know a place where you can find help. It’s called Graphic Image and here’s what it is for. (Modified lyrics from Madonna’s song, Vogue)

Rings any bells? Yes, Graphic Image is back. It is back with new datebooks for 2015.

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Every Sunday this summer, my friends and I go out to the woods (well the park) for a walk. Everything is so peaceful there. The city’s noises seem to disappear and all you can hear is nature’s call. You can hear the birds’ song, the sound of the water, even your walk. We are usually having a picnic on a tree branch. It’s really a moment I enjoy and I wish I could take it with me for the whole week. I thought I could take a little piece of wood from the tree but thank God there’s Woodchuck.


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Dutch Design Beads Bracelets


                     Last weekend, I decided that I needed a little change and for that I traveled back to my hometown. I was back in nature and I had the time to meet my family. As always I paid a visit to my grandmother and of course she was creating something. She was making an embroidery. It was so amazing and the beading was exquisite. But now I am back in the city, ready for new adventures. I was searching the web earlier today for some accessories for me, when I found Dutch Design Beads. Their motto is “Bead the ordinary” and it reminded me of my grandma, so I decided that I should give it a look.

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Graphic Image - Supreme Luxury

                 Look around. Everywhere you turn is a headache of speed. It’s everywhere that you go. Look around. You try what you can to be punctual. When all else fails and you long to be, something more organized than you are today. I know a place where you can find help. It’s called Graphic Image and here’s what it is for. (Modified lyrics from Madonna’s song, Vogue)
Every nowadays man has a lot of obligations to fulfill. He has places to go, places to be and above all he has to be punctual in the chaos. Graphic Image is a well-known style, as its style is their brand, for its diaries, notebooks and agendas. All of their writing journals possess the same three key ingredients – a functional and refined writing text paper, the smyth-sewn binding and a simple graphic design – all combined to define the books as distinctly and indisputably Graphic Image.


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Mes Chaussettes Rouges - Fine Socks for Every Gentleman


               No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Accessories can change an outfit in ways you cannot imagine. Socks are of course accessories and can totally change an outfit and transform it from just-another-outfit to chic and fashion-forward. If you think so and love things to be properly done. If you are cultivated and there are no fashion faux pas. If there is no misplaced in trend setting and you have an effortless elegance, then you should try a visit to Mes Chaussettes Rouges either on their website or their Parisian shop at rue César Franck number 9.


Mes Chaussettes Rouges has a wide variety of the finest socks. They offer exclusive products from Gammarelli and Mazarin, that you probably already know. You can find knee-high socks for both men and women in cotton, wool, cashmere and silk. There is also a selection of skiing, hunting and horse riding socks. All of their products are very qualitative and fashionable, while remaining elegant and stylish. 




Despite the fact that Mes Chaussettes Rouges already offer a lot with their quality and affordable prices, they offer more with their packaging. If you love to give gifts to others or even yourself then you are going to love them. Packaging is on another level with them. They ship worldwide and perfume their parcels with fragrances from renowned perfumers. Moreover, they put a hand-written note in each parcel and put special attention to the costumer relation. Last but not least, each parcel has a gift wrapping with a fabric bag, which you can multiply with some extra charge.


author: Xenofon Dritsoulas


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Larsson & Jennings Watch.

Larsson & Jennings Watch.

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          Berg & Berg is a project of passion founded in November 2009 by Karin & Mathias Berg. They met at university in 2001 and got married in 2010.

From the start in 2009, their ambition with Berg & Berg has been to create classic timeless products, made by the best manufacturers and using the finest materials. With a discerning eye for quality and lots of inspiration, they want to offer you the items that will be the future classics of your wardrobe. 


Some words about heir knitwear and leather goods collection:

● For all leather items we are now using a spectacular vegetable tanned vachetta leather. This leather, called buttero in Italy, has a rich, deep look and will age beautifully. We look forward to see our new wallet and portfolio develop a nice patina over the next years. Still not impressed? Well, our new wallets are lined with soft Italian suede. Your credit cards have never been so comfortable.


● For Scandinavians, knitwear has always been a spring/summer staple, for breezy mornings, chilly evenings and even cold days. This season we have a few new models, which we hope can satisfy your spring/summer knitwear needs: A new round neck cashmere sweater, perfect both summer and winter, and a cashmere/silk raglan sleeve round neck striped sweater, wonderful for casual summer days. In addition our contrast trim cardigan is reintroduced in two new colours, a camel/caramel combination and a denim blue/cream version.

          Who makes Berg & Berg products? All products are made to last by niche manufacturers, most of them located in Italy. From the wool and cashmere specialists in Biella to the tie-makers of Naples. Their knitwear collection is made by one of the traditional scottish cashmere manufacturers located in the Scottish Borders region and the leather goods is made by artisans in a family firm located outside Milan that has been doing this for four generations.

          I need to say that I was really impressed about the quality of their products. Their knitted ties are amazing and my new Berg&Berg braided belt is my favourite accesory right now.

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Giant Vintage - vintage & Retro sunglasses


         Giant Vintage is home to over 1000 genuine vintage sunglasses and clear frames from the 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as reproductions of iconic styles. 

The Los Angeles-based company has launched worldwide, with quick shipping to the US, UK, and all other international locations…they are set to radically shake up the way we track down and buy vintage eyewear! Every conceivable style can be found at, and new frames are sourced and added to the collection on a weekly basis… be they limited edition authentic vintage, ultra-modern statement shapes or replicas of much-loved old school styles: all in wide-ranging frame and lens colors. 

With prices starting at just $8.00…the folks at Giant Vintage believe that great vintage pieces are something that should be affordable to all!


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My new watch from . Suede strap, very very comfortable.

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Fine pocket squares from

Fine pocket squares from

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Flynch Cufflinks

          A purveyor of fine accessories, flynch was established near Cambridge in 2012 by Freddie Lynch. As a man who always wears a double cuff shirt, Freddie had searched for an affordable, yet stylish, collection of cufflinks for many years before striking upon the idea of sourcing and creating his own range.

          Driven by a passion for unearthing the very best products, Freddie scoured the market to find the highest quality knotted and woven cufflinks to bring to the UK market. Each set of cufflinks comprises 12 individual pairs presented in a stylish flynch cufflink box, making them easy to store, perfect for travel or the ideal gift. Looking ahead to the future, flynch is planning to expand its range further to provide stylish, modern-traditional accessories at an affordable price.

          For every day wear, the classic round knot is small, but perfectly formed and will fit any double cuffed shirt. Each box will include twelve different coloured pairs of cufflinks that you can mix and match with your wardrobe to add that extra sparkle of colour and panache. The cufflinks themselves will be delivered presented in a specially commissioned LC Design STACKERS box – Europe’s leading designers of jewellery storage. Price: £25.00 for twelve pairs of cufflinks and elegant storage box. As Freddie says himself: “flynch is about quality, style and passion – offering the very best products at an affordable price.”

        Visit and choose your favourite cufflinks. 40% OFF for a limited time.

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