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Monday May 5 4pm  4 notes


Evolution Man


The other day, a friend of mine asked me how I take care of my skin. Skin care is an everyday routine. It takes place two times in the day: in the morning and in the evening.


It starts of with washing your face and body and then you wipe gently. Then, it is time to moisturize. I start with my eyes and a revitalizing gel so that I can get rid of my puffiness and dark circles, that are created due to the fact that I work a lot in front of a computer and I don’t sleep a lot. Then, I moisturize the rest of my face and neck and I prefer a product with matte finish, so that I look natural, and has SPF so that I can prevent my face from the sun. It is important to use SPF even in Winter, because the sun is there even if we do not see it. Next, is my lip care. I use a lip balm for that.


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Sunday May 4 4pm  6 notes




Take Saint Laurent's bomber jacket – it's cool and slick, but get up close and personal, and you find it's made of exquisitely satin. Or Maison Martin Margiela's leather oxford shoes – they're an essential piece for every man.


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Sunday May 4 2pm  2 notes


One Suit - Six Outfits


                  Twenty-first century man is so busy and has to be in many places without having time to change outfits. He constantly has to look sharp and well-put-together. This is an everyday challenge that men face and we will try in this article.


First of all though, let’s meet the two men that will help us. The first one is Ryder and the other one is Clément. Ryder is an economical analyst. His style is preppy and his favorite color is navy. He loves to be sharp and ready for whatever comes in his way. Clément is a senior fashion editor for a fashion magazine. He loves experimenting with his style and his favorite color is black. He loves black and white when he is dressing himself just because he sees so much color in his career. Though, he introduces some color through accessories.

Secondly, let’s see what piece of clothing we are going to see them wearing through their day. Of course, it is a black skinny suit, as it is very classic and extremely versatile. The black skinny fit blazer and trousers that we see here is by Topman, available at Nordstrom. I decided to go with this partnership just because there is a huge amount of different style clothes and they are affordable as much as they are qualitative.


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Friday Apr 25 3pm  14 notes


Topman at Nordstrom


               Spring is finally here. The weather is just getting better and better. There are colors in nature and it is the time of the year that we transition from our winter wardrobes to our summer ones. Fashion becomes brighter and for me it is just another excuse to buy more clothes, shoes and accessories.


Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to start searching for my new obsessions. As it is mentioned in their site: “Fashion changes. Shopping changes. Their commitment to happy costumers doesn’t.”, that’s why I like Nordstrom. They see fashion as a business of optimism and that is the spirit that you get. Optimism that emanates from experience of helping their customers possess style and not just buy fashion. Nordstrom tries and gives you a really pleasant experience in shopping either it is through going to one of their stores or by paying a visit at their online site or their mobile application.


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Friday Apr 18 5pm  7 notes


Dead Legacy

               Fashion is not only about the clothes. Fashion has to do with art, cinema or music. That’s what Dead Legacy does subconsciously or by design and what they achieve is creating a really unique style not just as a company but also as a source of inspiration for all of us. Dead Legacy provides us with lots of designs in hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, bags, accessories.
There are so many different and interesting designs, aren’t there? As you are there of course you can also choose something for your girlfriend or just friend or even your sister as there are some designs for women as well.

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Friday Apr 18 2pm  2 notes


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Monday Apr 7 12am  1 note


Tailored fit in quick-drying, water-repellent polyamide makes this 2-in-1 short ideal not only for tough workout sessions at the gym but also for frequent pool use. Front zip and push button closure and side pockets. RON DORFF black-lacquered double eyelets on the side.

If you sign up in Ron Dorff Member’s Club you get 15% off of your first buy!

Posted Tuesday Mar 25 8pm  11 notes


Tod’s at MR PORTER


Learning fashion history is as important as to know what is new now and what your style is, so we will add some history notes today. Driving shoes. Driving shoes grew in popularity through the last half of the twentieth century due to their comfort and elegant style. They were created for the gentlemen who wanted something easier on driving, more flexible and soft and since then they have been everywhere.

“The new fashion designer of Tod’s, Alessandra Facchinetti, gave a new meaning to casual chic: simple, beautiful, easy to wear and a little bit eccentric to the details. In this outfit everything is tempting as well easy to be combined with what we already have in our wardrobes.”, I read somewhere.
Inspiration and needs are created from everything and really anything. What do I need now? But of course, a new pair of comfortable shoes in a vibrant color as Spring is here. And from all the above I thought that Tod’s would be a great choice.

Tod’s is an Italian family-run business which was established in the early 1900s. It is renowned for its refined craftsmanship which is put in every single design. Every design is handmade using both traditional and modern techniques so that they can ensure that the renowned high standards are upheld.


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Tuesday Mar 11 4pm  14 notes


TOY BOY by LuisaViaRoma

Spring is on the horizon and it’s action-packed with a new collection of toy boys in strong graphics and fearlessly bold colors. Blocked, splattered, dotted or striped- the toy boy charges up with Jil Sander’s neon jacquards and Burberry’s pantone rainbow. 

He’s every girl’s dream man and he’s suited up for business. Stoic in his Dolce & Gabbana bow tie and Marni sunglasses, you’ll never see him waver. He’s a toy boy- king of the playground- and he’s winning our hearts.


Posted Monday Feb 24 10pm  12 notes


Cavalier Bleu Paris

The collections of Cavalier Bleu are entirely imagined and conceived in Paris. More than a choice, it is a philosophy: the will to perpetuate a know-how and a faultless quality, but also an incomparable genuiness and boldness.

It was in Paris, in 1858, that was held the first catwalk show in the world. A century and a half later, the city has kept alive its attraction and remains the unassailable bastion of fashion. Paris is rooted in a unique heritage with a great taste and an almost obsessive search of elegance. At the same time, there is a constant desire to shake up the borders, not to dwell in the past, but to bring a legacy and be future-oriented. The creation in Paris, is to will to transform the past into an idea of today’s ​​chic, to be part of this era.
This state of mind is obviously due to the Parisien themselves. This is to distinguish themselves, to stand out, that they express an identity through clothing. They shape their daily allure, make ​​sure to be elegant and refined for any occasion. They follow their instinct and dress with sophistication. The garment expresses their feelings and well-being, their audacity, freedom … It is the art of an apparent simplicity, but not a single detail is actually improvised.

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Monday Feb 24 8pm  15 notes